Computers have come a long way since the days when they took up an entire room or table. Today, you can get a powerful desktop PC the size of a peanut butter sandwich. Whether you're trying to save space at home, fit more computers into your office, squeeze a media server into your entertainment center, there's a mini PC made for you. The ACEPC AK1 offers a wide range of unique features for less than 200.

The AK1 is powered by Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 processor with 4GB of RAM, which means it's powerful enough to be your primary PC.

Tips to better use this mini pc:

1. Add a SSD or HDD into this mini pc and clone the win 10 into the SSD or HDD, which will make the device run more smoothly.

2. Regularly delete the software distribution folder in windows directory to keep updates size use down. This folder is used for updates for windows.

3. Uninstall any program or app that isn't needed or used. Once done, there was enough space to update Windows.

Double Screens Display-Double your work efficiency

Built in Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Processor(Quad-core, 4M Cache, up to 2.3GHz) and Intel HD Graphics ,Pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) version, set up is effortless.Works with all Microsoft products in a seamless fashion and maintain productivity.

Intel HD Graphics ACEPC AK1 mini computer comes with integrated Intel HD graphic supports the 4K videos smoothly,giving you a best ultimate playback experience.The max support resolutions is 3840*2160@30Hz.

  • RAM: 4GB DDR3L ROM: 64GB eMMC onboard
  • Processor Base Frequency:1.50GHz; Burst Frequency: 2.30GHz
  • Graphics Base Frequency: 250 MHz; Graphics Burst Frequency: 750 MHz
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4G&5G Built-in Wi-Fi,IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac



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